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Let me tell you about the most important events of my life that shaped the person I am today. My life is a work in progress. It is full of unexpected challenges, turns, and falls where change is the only constant, the pursuit of purpose is faint and happiness is ephemeral. 

   I was born in Yugoslavia in 1962 in the Croatian coastal town of Sibenik to Croatian parents who were there on vacation.  Six months later we were back in Belgrade, Serbia where my father worked and where I spent most of my care-free childhood. It is here, near Danube River that the first spark of an ancient wonder ignited: working as a civil engineer, my father was working on a dig on the banks of Danube, where the ancient black stone axe surfaced and he brought it home to show us. My mind was already hooked, this piece was just unearthed from the dark Danube mud, it came from the deep past, the time when humans were savages but somehow advanced enough to make such tools. Who were they? I was wondering. The axe had to be returned, but I kept the memory of the artifact that could have belonged to the ancient and mysterious Vincha Culture that is possibly 8000 years old. Needless to say, whenever I could, I would spend many hours in the mud of Danube digging for a treasure. 

   I was also spending time with my best friend on our imaginary spaceship ( a special tree) while trying to come up with blueprints for the real one. At some point, I gave up on the blueprints (I wish I kept some of these…) as I could not come up with the propulsion system that seemingly defied gravity. I thought this would have to wait till I grow up and learn more about the anti-gravity propulsion system. Little did I know, such knowledge was denied in conventional circles, but covertly researched in the unacknowledged underground facilities of the US and USSR military bases. I treasure my childhood carefree days when every day was a new adventure and the world was waiting for me to explore it.

When I was 11, my parents decided to move to Split, Croatia where I grew up. Von Daniken’s book ‘The Chariots of Fire’ hit the media and the Ancient Astronaut theory got under my radar. As I was devouring Von Daniken’s book I started longing to see the mysterious places he described, seemingly showcasing remains of long-vanished but technologically advanced ancient civilizations. Peru and Egypt were on the top of the list featuring a lot of megalithic structures showcasing the lost technology of ancients. 

   At about the same time, in summer that year, I witnessed the pulsating orange glowing orb above the Adriatic sea horizon along with other eyewitnesses. We were standing on the beach in Primosten, a well-known tourist spot along the Adriatic Coast. It was clear to me, we humans were not the only so-called intelligent species in this universe, and ‘they’ were obviously much more advanced than us since they were visiting this planet.

   My teenage years were confusing as I learned about the sad state of the world I lived in. I was bored to the nth degree at the history lessons I was forced to listen to, about the birth years of the country's socialist system. I never heard of ancient mysterious places during these lessons that I was going to discover later in life. I so longed to see the world but had no means. To quench this thirst that was consuming me, I decided to complete a maritime engineering degree and in 1987 I managed to get a position aboard the cargo ship which sailed along the Mediterranean and East African coast. Finally, I was visiting places I have never seen before. One day, by chance or fate I arrived in Port Said, Egypt, and spent the next day at the Giza Plateau exploring the ruins. The day at the Giza plateau was awe-inspiring yet disturbing: At the end of the day, I was in tears as the realization hit me: I had to leave and live my life away from this magical place. The irrational fear of never coming back washed over me but I had no other option and had to leave Egypt the next day. The day after, I was feverish and obsessed, replaying the images of the pyramids in my mind for days to come. The day at the Giza plateau etched in my mind and the call to come back started soon after I returned home.

   By the end of 1989, the US government decided to break apart a socialist system that worked well in Yugoslavia. The civil war was nearing and the jobs were near impossible to find. In December that year, I left the country for Auckland, New Zealand where a school friend of mine already migrated. His parents have offered a helping hand for the first week or two. For the next three years, while I was fighting to survive in New Zealand, the senseless genocide and ethnic cleansing were raging in Yugoslavia until the country was no more. I was a refugee, and just by chance or fate, I called New Zealand my new home. 

   Everything I know about life and death I learned from my daughter. Lea Kapiteli was born in Auckland, N.Z. in 1993, which triggered a quest for knowledge in the nutritional needs of a newborn, and later on of a growing child and adult. She proved to be a different child, the one who had imaginary friends who were not humans, but extra-terrestrials (ETs) and who were teaching her things I knew nothing about. 

   Lea was only five when I decided to leave my abusive husband (her father) as well as New Zealand. It was the 4th of July 1998 when we arrived in Melbourne to start a new life chapter. I had to find a job that would bring enough money for the two of us; I was a breadwinner and a single parent. A short course in real estate agent representation did the trick and I found work fairly quickly as a sales rep. 

   At the age of 8, Lea said to me: ‘Mum, I am not who you think I am. I had another mum before.’ This was shocking, but soon it was obvious to me, she remembered her previous life which was incredible to hear. She also started talking about her extra-terrestrial teachers and the knowledge she was learning from them in the night school she would go to while her body was asleep. Apparently, she had to be helped at the beginning to detach her energy (astral) body and join the class, but later on, she was encouraged to learn how to do it herself.

   The real estate job was exhausting, having to work long hours 6 days a week. In 2001 I was considering enrolling in the Australian Air Traffic Control academy as this certificate guaranteed a reasonably paid position somewhere in Australia and a steady income. I  was waiting for the aptitude test date when the attack on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York, US happened and changed the world. They were hit and completely destroyed along with the nearby building that was never hit, crushing the air traveling industry for the years to come, along with all my plans of working as an air traffic controller. I had to think hard again. I could not wait for an

unknown length of time for the air traffic to get reinstated. I needed a job to make ends meet. 

   I decided to sell the house we lived in and invest the money into a scientific degree ( which proved to be a bad idea, don't ever do this!). I enrolled in the biotechnology course at the nearby Victoria University hoping I would learn not just about body physiology, but I also hoped for an interesting job as I was repeatedly assured by university staff it would be the case if I also completed the Honours Degree. 

   Whilst studying, my father Leo was in his final stages of fighting Non-Hodgkin's B-cell lymphoma, a blood cancer. By now, he would have completed many rounds of chemotherapy that completely decimated his immune system. I was compelled to study cancer and completed my Honours in Applied Biology in 2005 working on the HL-60 human cancer line. I was hoping to understand the causes of blood cancer and help my father win the fight against this disease. But, by the time I graduated my father left this incarnation. His death was a shock and I could not function for a month. Following graduation, I worked at the same university as a lab technician and as a tutor for five years, but the dream job I hoped for never arrived. The money I was earning as a casual academic was so low, that there was no point holding onto it. That same year I met my loving partner Wolfgang who became my stronghold whenever life tried to throw me into chaos. 

   One day in 2006, when she was 13, Lea complained about an implant that ETs had placed into her head during a procedure they performed at night, while she was asleep. Apparently, they took her to an operating room somewhere and placed the implant under her skull. They informed her of the implant after the procedure. But now, the implant was moving and Lea could feel it. This gave me a fright and I was contemplating on what to do, so a few days later I said let’s go do the CT Scan to see what’s there. But being organic, the implant was apparently already dissolved and would have not been detected, she was told by ETs. So, we decided not to do any tests.

  I had to learn to listen and not judge.  Lea hated this planet, wanting to leave it; she was longing for her real home and was often crying in despair. I was worried about her mental health and even though I never doubted her, I also wanted tangible proof of her experiences. I started searching the internet and found many contact experiencers, who also studied in evening schools, had ET teachers, had implants, had problems adapting to this planet, wanted to leave it, and wanted to go back home. This was encouraging. I now knew she was not the only one having these strange experiences and she was not mentally sick! 

   Soon I discovered Mary Rodwell of ACERN, an angel walking this earth (if you believe in angels…). Rodwell is a past-life regressionist who dedicated her life to helping contactees like my daughter. I have emailed her a short info on Lea and asked for help. We became instant friends.

Lea happily became her research subject and started appearing in Mary’s presentations. I finally had an overdue past life regression session with Mary and discovered a dramatic, painful episode from my past life in Egypt. In that life, it would appear I was responsible for the death of my young niece I loved dearly, and remorse and regret of the incident were still held in my soul memory. During the regression, I cried and even talked a bit of the unknown ancient language I did not comprehend, but Lea, who was there with me at the time, could understand it and even replied.

   I now know: I lived in ancient Egypt as a daughter of the pyramid architect engaged in building pyramids at Giza; I was also intermittently working as a librarian in Capihul, the capital of Atlantis, and had an Atlantean assistant, a young Delta Unbrahe (Lea in the present life). On the day I died, we were getting ready to leave Atlantis island for Al Khem (Egypt) but then disaster struck that killed all and I never arrived home to Egypt. Considering I never came back to Egypt in that life, this event could be still lingering in my soul memory and be the cause of the unexplained fear of never coming back there in the present life. Egypt was my previous home and my soul remembered it.

   I also lived on Elzonia, a planet somewhere in the Alcyon system that was revolving around its blue sun. I was a sister to Arazenal (Lea in the present life) and took care of her four kids when she died of a crippling disease. This explained why, when I would see Lea’s drawing of the 4 children she had in that life, I would start sobbing uncontrollably. The first time I saw her drawing, it juggled the deep memory of who they were. When I realized I knew their personalities it hit me hard. The unexpected feelings of deep loss came up to the surface for the first time. I was missing them and could not stop the tears from bursting. But this was no pain, it was love, love that I still felt for these children of ours. From then on, tears would fall uncontrollably every time I would think of them. They are falling now, as I write these words.

   It was obvious to me the two of us were reincarnating together to experience life. It was obvious love was the only emotion capable of passing the vail. Love is what you take with you when your time is up. Most importantly, I now know, our bodies were just containers for our immortal souls. This awareness freed my mortal mind from the fear of death. Death was but an illusion, a state between the lives, a transition onto the next one. 

Lea’s concise story and some details of my regression session were captured in Chapter 11 in Rodwell’s latest book, ‘The New Human‘. Details on our life in Atlantis, our life on Elzonia, and on a life preceding these two are detailed in Lea’s first book ‘A Soul Remembers, Book One, Chronicles of Akashi. Lea Kapiteli is a writer, presenter, and artist living in Melbourne, Australia. She can be reached by messaging her via her website: 

   In 2011 it was time for me to find out what Dr Greer, the world-renowned authority on UFOs had to say on the matter. I met Dr Greer at his ‘Contact in the Desert’ conference in Rio Rico, Arizona where he also conducted the Close Encounters of the 5th Kind (CE-5) protocol, a human-initiated contact with ET races in the nearby proximity. Throughout the three nights of a persistent group effort to establish human-initiated contact using coherent thought and laser lights only, I have witnessed many wonders. The flushing white lights in the sky were frequent as a reply to Dr Greer’s laser beams pointed towards the zenith; red shooting lights were forming a semicircle encompassing the group; black unmarked helicopters were flying more or less constantly above us in expectation of the ET craft arrival; at some point, a stationary semi materialized craft in the sky could be seen using the infrared binoculars, at, I estimate, the airplane cruising altitude.. These were nights of wonders and discoveries under the Arizona skies. 

   Soon after, I joined the CE-5 movement and started practicing the CE-5 protocol from the country Victoria. My group would without fail receive the reply from the ETs in a way of flashing lights. In 2013 I contributed to crowdfunding the documentary Sirius done by Dr Greer’s Sirius Disclosure Project featuring the Atacama desert small ET mummy. The Atacama desert is the Chilean part of the South American desert that also stretches into the Nazca desert. I did not know at the time, but Nazca desert held a secret, a tomb with remains literary out of this world, the find that would shake the UFO, archaeological and scientific communities.


  In 2013 I enrolled in Archaeology and Ancient History course at Monash and in 2018 I was finalising my degree. I wanted to add a bioarchaeology subject to the course curriculum but Monash University did not offer it. I found the external subject organised by Arkansas University undertaken in Amarna, Egypt and I applied. I was accepted, excited, and ready to go. However, an incident in which an Egyptian policeman was killed guarding the archaeological dig in Amarna, caused the field school to cancel the dig continuation. I was devastated and had to quickly find another option, as this was my final year of study. I applied to join the Institute for Field Research field school organised in Sondor, Peru. This was my second-best option; I wanted to see Peru since I was a kid. I was accepted and flew to Lima, Peru. 

   The bioarchaeology subject lectures held at Talavera were intense and following the two weeks of classroom time, we started digging up high in Sondors hills. Sondor's altitude is over 4400m above sea level, digging was exhausting and most of the time I was sick with altitude sickness. We were finding pottery, animal bones, and human remains of the Chanka people, contemporary culture and enemies of Incas. I handled many human bones and a few misshapen skulls that were previously excavated. 

   Four weeks later, I started touring Peru and visited many interesting ancient sites. When in Nazca, I took a flight over famous Nazca lines that was on my 'bucket list' for a long time. I  also struck up a friendship with the local tour guide Orlando Flores who informed me about the ‘recently found extra-terrestrial mummies, discovered by grave robbers…’ I was surprised and wanted to hear everything about the find right away but, I did not have time to see them, having to stick to my Itinerary. It would take me another year to come back to Peru.

In 2018 I arrived as a graduate archaeologist to volunteer at the Cahuachi pyramids project dig. At the completion of the dig, I contacted Orlando who took me to see the alleged extra-terrestrial mummies, an episode I described in my article ‘The Nazca Mummies: Reality, Media Coverage and Scientific Proof’ featured in the New Dawn Melbournian magazine Issue No. 173 and No. 174 in 2019. The article was also translated to Italian and Polish and featured in the Italian UFO e-magazine and Polish Nexus magazine. In one sentence, these humanoid reptile dry corpses are indisputable proof that ancient man lived along with the ancient alien in this location of the world. We were never alone.


   In October 2019 I managed to buy the ticket to join Dr Sam Osmanagich’s tour to ancient Egypt. Dr Osmanagich is an alternative archaeologist, a researcher with an open mind who uses science and technology to form his theories. The trip I was waiting for so long was finally here. Even though I was going as a tourist, however with a professional eye for detail, I was beyond excited.

I arrived in Cairo a few days prior to the tour start date and straight away started exploring the Giza Plateau. I was finally standing before the magnificent structures that captured me 30 years ago and kept pulling me back. The complex was quite large and it was apparent that it required many days of walking and exploring in order to truly see everything it had to offer. The whole plateau was littered with pits, graves, tombs and was home to the three large and six small pyramids and the Sphinx, the greatest monument on Earth. It was obvious also that there were tunnels under the plateau as many of the deep pits had side tunnels going deep into the bedrock, the fact that was not taught at the archaeology class! These underground tunnels are now on my 'bucket list'" to be explored.

   Dr Osmanagic took us to see many interesting sites along the Nile: all the existing temples; Valley of the Kings, Colossi of Memnon, megalithic Osirion in Abydos, enormous Unfinished Obelisk in Aswan, pyramids of Dahshur (Bent pyramid of Snefru, Red Pyramid, Pyramid of Teti, Pyramid of Unas and Step pyramid of Djoser with its enclosure) and the incredible Serapeum with enormous finely polished empty granite blocks. I kept exploring ancient sites after the official tour was over and visited the open pyramid of Djedefra, crumbling pyramids of Lisht and Lahun, and the flooded one in Hawara. Tears were trickling down my face every time I was close to the Nile waters and the papyrus reeds, stirring up the deep memories of the life I once lived on these grounds. 

   As soon as I came back from Egypt, I started working on setting up my own specialised touring agency in order to take people to the amazing places I have seen.

  Both Peru and Egypt exhibit megalithic technology that left us wondering who, how, and why.

Peru is home to many elongated skulls that are recently proven to belong to unknown species; Peru is home to a non-human so-called Starchild cranium, an unknown number of small 3 fingered humanoid reptiles as well as a hybrid humanoid 3 fingered and toed tall mummy with the elongated head, slanted eyes, and no ear lobes of an average human height. This mummy, called Maria was found in the foetal position, typical of human mummified remains of Ancient Nazca culture. 

  Egypt is home to many pyramids, some of which are as big as mountains; it is home to enormous Houses of Gods (temples) that leave you in wonder and awe; it is home to the largest megaliths on earth, that today's cranes would not be able to move. Egypt has captured many minds and it is an absolute must-see destination for all who search deep into their souls and our cultural origins. 

  But these are not the only places in the world that hold ancient enigmas. Megalithic Malta, Azores, Canary Islands, and underwater ruins near Portugal and Gibraltar (Spain) are the locations worth considering as possible remains of Atlantis continent that disappeared 12,000 ago, according to Plato. Recently the results of the study titled 'Sediment Cores from White Pond, South Carolina, contain a Platinum Anomaly, Pyrogenic Carbon Peak, and Coprophilous Spore Decline at 12.8 ka' by Moore et al, 2019, reveal that a massive cosmic impact around 12,800 years ago may have caused the extinction of numerous animals on Earth, and also a catastrophic reset in developing ancient civilizations of the time. Finally, we have hard scientific proof that supports Plato's story of Atlantis, a  story mainstream archaeologists have been laughing at and refusing to hear since the beginning of history lessons. We will explore some of these locations in my upcoming tour, 'In Search of Atlantis'.

  Apart from looking for the remains of the Atlantis continent, and showing the enigmas of the ancient world still standing, I hope to be involved in the serious research on the Nazca mummies themselves. This aspiration requires financing my Honours year as an archaeologist, obtaining some biological material from the two species of the mummies found, and re-doing some of the scientific tests already done by the scientific team organised by Incari Institute ( Taking the samples of the mummies across the borders would also require an official disclosure of the find by the Ministry of Culture of Peru, a work still in progress.

  In July 2018, a bill was issued by the Peruvian Congressman Armando Villanueva Mercado that declared the ET Nazca Mummies a find of cultural importance and called for the international community to join in the further study of the remains. In Nov 2018 he organised the Press Conference at the Congress of the Republic of Peru where the scientific results have been presented to the panel and journalists for the first time. In August 2019 four of these mummies have been transferred to the National University of Ica where they remain safe on display. In Nov 2019,  the university organised the Press Conference and presented the remains to the journalist and the public. This is good news, as these incredible mummies are now under protection by Peruvian law. 

  In March 2020 the new pandemic hit the world and stopped international travel. Once the borders reopen, we will start visiting the ancient enigmatic wonders still standing. My tours will be paradigm-shifting, world-shaking, and life-changing so be ready for a ride of a lifetime!


Moore, C.R., Brooks, M.J., Goodyear, A.C. et al. Sediment Cores from White Pond, South Carolina, contain a Platinum Anomaly, Pyrogenic Carbon Peak, and Coprophilous Spore Decline at 12.8 ka. Sci Rep 9, 15121 (2019).

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