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Ancient  Enigma 


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See the places that will challenge your understanding of reality: impossible and precise technology of the ancients, out-of-place artifacts; strange humanoids and non-human remains out of this world.

Dare to experience our paradigm-shifting tours and reclaim hidden knowledge.

TOURS AVAILABLE:  PERU & BOLIVIA August 2024 and EGYPT December 2024

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My name is SANJA KORLAET and I will be your guide!

I am an archaeologist specializing in ancient Egyptian, and Peruvian cultures with a scientific background and passion for the unexplained.

My explorations took me to Egypt, Peru, Cambodia, Chile, Easter Island, Japan, the UK, and Bosnia. I have noticed the similarity in ancient megalithic work around the globe that exhibited high technology that ancient primitive civilizations could not have possessed.  Was this a work of pre-flood gods and semi-gods? If so, who were these gods-magicians?

The existence of ancient elongated skulls with strange properties and other non-human skulls on exhibit in Peruvian museums require attention and research a scientific community is not showing. Mysterious three-finger humanoids with elongated heads recently discovered near Nazca deserve global attention they are not getting.

My mission is to explore these mysteries and give them the spotlight they deserve to unlock a hidden part of our species' heritage.   


My name is KHAYERA SEIF EL NASR and I am proud to be your local guide throughout your tour of Egypt. 

I was born in Alexandria, Egypt. I started learning English at a young age in high school. I graduated from Cairo university in 2001, where I studied Egyptology, Greco Roman history, and Hieroglyphic script. I enjoy traveling, the arts, history, and culture, and love the challenge of working with larger groups of people, which allows me to share this passion and gives me the opportunity to show Egypt’s wonders to the rest of the world. I have worked as a guide for 20 years and I feel privileged to work with people of different nationalities while traveling through my beautiful country. It is my joy to welcome you to Egypt.



My name is WILSON CABRERA MEDINA, and I am proud to be your tour guide through Peru and Bolivia.


I was born in Jaen, a city in a high jungle in northern Peru, and currently live in the Sacred Valley – Cusco. I studied tourism and administration in the city of Arequipa, which has allowed me to travel throughout my country and discover all the wonders it has to offer. Through my touring company Origen Tours, I can offer a custom-made unforgettable journey to all visitors seeking the extraordinary itinerary. Peru is a unique destination that has a rich culture and a wide variety of customs, intriguing ancient sites, and natural beauty. This country’s warm and friendly people make the experience even more special. Sharing my local knowledge and all the wonders Peru has to offer will be an awarding experience for me and hopefully for you too. I have been working as a tour leader for years and can lead any size group. We take care of every detail to make the experience unforgettable, to turn it into your precious memories.

Welcome to Peru!


We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Egypt through Ancient Enigma Tours!  Sanya and Khayera were great hosts and were very knowledgeable. We were able to customize our tour to fit in everything that everyone in the group wanted to see. They were very accommodating and we appreciate it! Next time we go back to Egypt, we’ll definitely be looking them up.

-Linda and Dennis A.

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